During the morning, the shadow indicates the time on the left part of this sundial. At  >>

Sundial seat

Red clay Size: 0.95 x 1.25 m Height: 0.90 m Year: 1999

Pedestal image

Size: 0.30 x 0.30 m Height 1.25 m Year: 1999 Photographer: Gert Rouschopi  

Conic fountain

Between the two conic forms of this small fountain, the water comes out and runs down  >>

Mirror Images

An architectonic sculpture consisting of five elements, grouped in a pond conjuring up images in the  >>

Spiral fountain

This water sculpture consists of ceramic elements, that vary in height and form. Out of the  >>

Passaggio I

A configuration of four stacked elements Fired and glazed clay 0.60 x 1.25 m Height:1.00 m  >>


Through the gaps at the sides of the sculpture, the sunlight will continually enter the inner  >>

Spiral bowl

Circular bowl in which the water appears as a kind of a visual counterpoint. The rim  >>

Light buoys

Two lying objects displaying intricate patterns of light and shadow. Fired and glazed clay 0.50 to  >>