about her work

Light is never just there. It always has to be discovered in colours and forms, found in textures and contexts, and seen in reflections and deflections. Sculpture inevitably influences, bends, and steers this process of discovery. The sculptures of the Utrecht-based artist Gera van der Leun are conscious attempts to use this process of discovery as an aesthetic experience in itself. Her garden sculpture directs the viewer’s attention to the continuously changing patterns of light, be it the first rays of sunlight on a spring morning or the dying seconds of winter’s evening.

She combines several elements into groupings to create intricate inner and outer spaces that emphasise the all but self-evident presence of light. Mostly considerable in size, her configurations constitute a clear point of focus without, however, dominating the surrounding landscape. By using both natural materials, mainly clay, and natural colours she emphasises the organic unity of her sculptures with the surrounding ambience. These natural materials allow her also to create smooth as well as rather rough surfaces making textures an integral part of her vocabulary.

Her sculptures can accommodate both man-made and more natural environments such as gardens and parks. Some of her sculptures seek to accentuate the elaborate interplay of light and water by being located in ponds or, more explicitly, by forming fountains (powered by solar energy). Opting for forms and colours that intermingle with light in unexpected ways, Gera van der Leun wants to turn light into a source of wonder and a ever-changing marvel that has to be constantly discovered.

curriculum vitae

 9 – 2 – 1966

Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands

1978 – 1984

Grammar school, Utrecht, The Netherlands

1984 – 1989

Academy of arts, Kampen, The Netherlands. Specialisation: ceramics, and a teachers degree in art history and handicrafts

1989- 1990

additional year. specialisation in monumental outdoor ceramics.

1991- 1992

stipendium from the Dutch government (W.V.C)


stipendium from the community of Utrecht.


workshop Ferro cement. Institute for stucco-work in Veenendaal.

public commissions


Fountain on solar energy, commission from Psychical Hospital Reinier van Arkel, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

1994- 1995

Archipel, group of sculptures in an outdoor pond in the School for Economy and Management, (Architects Mecanoo) Utrecht, The Netherlands.

1995- 1999

Commission for an indoor sculpture for the new city hall of Zutphen, The Netherlands (Architects RAU & partners). This sculpture will be integrated with the natural ventilation system, which is functioning on solar energy, uses wind energy and water.

2000- 2002

Art project Zodiac, at the renewed community hall of Dongen, (architects: Rau & partners A’dam).